Yhteydenotto kielet kielet

Manti's World

In 2005 I set up my own business in a 200-year-old timber house in Old Rauma, in the middle of our idyllic World Heritage Site. In the front room of my company, there is a colourful boutique and in the backroom I have a studio, into which customers are welcomed to pop in to watch me while I work and design custom-made products. In addition to upholstery, I produce shirts, scarves, hats, jewellery and merchandise made of felt. I use natural materials: wool, cotton, linen and silk. I also sell threads. I often give advice on traditional handicraft.

Ecological living and recycling are important values for me, and this is why I get an enormous amount of pleasure from manufacturing products from recycled materials. I buy old clothes from second hand shops and turn them into new products. I work to preserve and honour the old, and my aim is to make my customers happy too. I also sell handicrafts made by other people - nowadays from 60 different producers! All products in my shop are unique and have their own stories.

Recycled product. A small pocket, a linen lining and a handle made out of woollen thread. Bags are unisex and they can be used as everyday items or taken to different celebratory functions. Size: c. 25 cm x 28 cm

Seat pads are made out of linen and there is a picture of rhubarb leaf, which is made in silk screen technique. Material: linen. Size: c. 45 x 45 cm.

A sauna hat is a perfect cover not only in the sauna, but also when winter swimming. This hat protects from hot and cold. It can be decorated according to customers wishes. Material: 100% linen felt. Size: two sizes

Ha! I am not an ordinary gnome because my beard spreads pleasant tar smell wherever I am. I like it in the sauna, but enjoy living in other places as well, where a smell of tar is welcomed. Materials: linen, jute, wood. Size: height c. 23 cm

I wanted to design a scarf, which reminds us of the aurora borealis their motion, their wavy shape and the play of colours. Materials: silk chiffon, merino wool and silk fibre. Size: c. 50 cm x 170 cm

You need two people to wear these 'going out' mittens. They have two holes for hands, but only one palm part. It is nice to hold hands even in cold weather! These mittens have been popular as wedding gifts. 100% wool, felt lining. Size: one size

Woollen shawl, which is light enough for a Parisian lady and thick enough to protect the 'Northern Hag' from the cold wind. Material: different woollen threads. Size: c. 70 cm x 70 cm